UCLA’s spring football showcase expected to feature an actual game – Los Angeles Times

Fans may be the big winners at UCLA’s spring showcase next week.

Bruins Coach Jim Mora said Thursday that he planned to stage a spring game on April 29 at Drake Stadium on campus as opposed to just drills and a scrimmage, as the team conducted last year, giving fans a more complete view of the new offense as UCLA tries to rebound from a 4-8 season.

“Our objective is to come out here for the spring game and make it an actual game,” Mora said. “That doesn’t mean all the special teams will be live, but we’d like to think that if we could stay healthy the way we have then we’re able to put together two squads and have a blue-versus-white actual game [at] Drake, which I think a lot of people want to see and I’d like to see us be able to accomplish.”

Mora said coaches had considered holding a draft to pick players for each team but would probably work cooperatively to split the teams as evenly as possible.