This is how the Patriots could travel in the future –

Cramped spaces, recycled air, low pressure. Let’s face it – a long plane journey can leave even the most seasoned traveler feeling less than 100 percent. So what happens when a day or two later you have to be back on the playing field, performing at your absolute best?

Well, allow me to introduce you to the Athlete’s Plane.

The product of a partnership between Nike and Seattle-based design firm Teague, this new plane concept was created with pro athletes in mind. Its design works to combat the negative effects that air travel can have on the body while helping preserve peak performance. As Teague says, it’s like having home team advantage at 40,000 feet.

Dubbed a “training room in the sky,” the Athlete’s Plane concept has some pretty impressive features. There are lie-flat seats specially designed for athletic bodies, compression sleeves to ice sore muscles, biometric testing tools and spaces to watch game film while in flight.

Of course, right now the plane is just a very cool concept, but it’s easy to imagine that it could be the way of the future for professional sports teams.

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Photos courtesy of Teague.


This is how the Patriots could travel in the future –