Photo representing America’s diversity goes viral – AOL

There are millions of people in New York — and according to NBC it’s one of the United States’ most diverse cities. It’s easy, then, to come across people wildly different from you on the subway.

When Brooklynite Jackie Summers witnessed this happening, he decided to share it on Facebook:

“A Taoist (me) gives up his seat so a Hasidic couple could sit together,” he explained. “They scoot over so a Muslim mother could sit and nurse her baby, on Easter Sunday.”

Summers also said, “This is my America: people letting people be people.”

The simple photo, a familiar sight to many New Yorkers, went viral on Facebook: over 55,000 shares and 71,000 reactions.

Summers spoke to The Independent about the occurrence. “I did not think about giving up my seat for the couple; the couple did not think about moving along to make room for the mother with her child,” he said.

He went on, “We live in a time when race, sexuality and religion have become divisive … but we have more important things to worry about.”

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Photo representing America’s diversity goes viral – AOL