NHS care ‘among the worst in Europe’ – Telegraph.co.uk

Norway and Australia, which each scored a high-ranking 90 overall. Yet Norway scored 65 for its treatment of testicular cancer, while Australia was awarded just 52 points for non-melanoma skin cancer.

“In the majority of cases, both of these cancers can be treated effectively,” said Dr Murray.

“Shouldn’t it cause serious concern that people are dying of these causes in countries that have the resources to address them?”

In other categories the UK achieved a top score of 100 for treating common vaccine-preventable diseases such as diphtheria, tetanus and measles.

It also earned a high score of 88 for treating cerebrovascular disease. This was probably due to the quality of general practice, leading to the early detection and treatment of blood pressure and better management of stroke, said Prof McKee.

The top-ranking country was the tiny principality of Andorra, which scored 94.6 overall on a scale of zero to 100.

At the bottom of the table, scoring just 29, was the Central African Republic.

The UK’s health care performance score of 84.6 was better than that of the US, which was awarded 81.3 points, putting it in 35th place.

NHS care ‘among the worst in Europe’ – Telegraph.co.uk