More than 500000 Scottish jobs linked to trade in UK compared to 125000 for EU –

Murdo Fraser, the Scottish Tories’ Shadow Finance Minister, said: “The SNP wants to destroy this arrangement with its reckless gamble, making life harder for businesses and workers. The Scottish Government cannot afford to ignore stark evidence like this, however inconvenient it is for its separation drive.”

The research showed 304,140 Scottish jobs were “directly” reliant on exports to the rest of the UK and a further 142,213 were “indirectly linked” through the supply chain for exported goods and services.

In addition, 82,354 jobs were deemed to be the result of “induced employment”. This term refers to the jobs created by the above workers spending their wages on goods and services across the economy as a whole.

In comparison, trade with the rest of the EU accounted for 71,945 “direct” jobs, 32,206 “indirect” posts and 21,055 “induced” jobs.  

Broken down by sector, exports to the rest of the UK accounted for 50,378 jobs in agriculture and mining, 150,159 posts in manufacturing, utilities and construction posts and 328,171 service jobs.

For EU trade, the figures were 5,154, 55,178 and 64,875 respectively. Previous official figures have showed Scotland sells goods and services worth £49.8 billion to the rest of the UK, and £12.3 billion to the EU.

The research said exports will be counted as Scottish if the end of destination is known but admitted it was “very difficult” to estimate cross-Border flows.

However, it noted that more than half of Scottish exports to the rest of the UK are for services and are therefore “unlikely” to be sent on from England to elsewhere in the world.

More than 500000 Scottish jobs linked to trade in UK compared to 125000 for EU –

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