LOOK: Celebrity chef Guy Fieri is breaking NFL news on his Twitter account – CBSSports.com

If there’s one thing I’ve always wanted on Twitter, it’s a celebrity chef who also doubles as an NFL reporter. 

For years, I’ve been looking for that one place where I could get my recipes and my football news at the same time, and guess what, it finally happened thanks to Guy Fieri. 

The celebrity chef, who’s best known for hosting several shows on the Food Network, got into the NFL reporting business over the weekend when he broke the news of a free agent signing in Seattle. 

What you see above is Fieri tweeting out the news that fullback Marcel Reece would be signing with the Seahawks.

Fieri’s tweet came a full 24 hours before Seattle actually announced the move. I’m guessing Reece was hanging out with Fieri in Flavortown when he took the free agency call from the Seahawks.

After seeing that tweet, I think we’re all on the same page here: Fieri needs his own NFL show, which would take us from Flavortown to Football Town. 

If you’re wondering what we could call that show, I like this guy’s idea. 

“Guy Fieri’s Hot Takes” is definitely nice, but now that I’m thinking about it, I think I like this guy’s idea more. 

With that title, Fieri would use the show to combine NFL scoops with ice cream recipes, and if that happened, I’m pretty sure there’s no one on earth who wouldn’t watch.

 If Guy’s agent is reading right now, you need to make this happen ASAP. 

As for Reece, the fullback is returning to Seattle after playing in four games with the Seahawks last season. Before signing with the Seahawks in 2016, Reece spent seven seasons with the Raiders and went to four pro Bowls.