Make Easy Money Selling on Poshmark

The first thing I want to talk about is how to start on Poshmark and Mercari and the differences. With both accounts, you just have to have an app. The first thing you do when you start is to create an account.  If you have an email address you can start it.  If you want to really earn a lot of money on Poshmark you have to think about the things that you’re selling I try to sell items that are almost new or still have tags on them. I even sell products that I have purchased to review for videos. When you’re posting things on Poshmark or Mercari you want to think to yourself, would I want to receive that item in the condition that it was in if I purchased it. Don’t post anything with a ton of stains on it or something that you wouldn’t even want to buy. One thing I want to say as a suggestion that is a huge reason as to why I am able to sell so quickly is that you want to post daily. So if you do have a bunch of things that you want to sell on Poshmark or Mercari you can definitely set them aside and then post them as you go so that you’re constantly showing up on the Poshmark or Mercari feeds.
So exactly what things do you need?  You’re going to want high-quality photos. I take all of my photos with my iPhone. I do have a DSLR camera but I don’t use that camera to take pictures for my Poshmark and my Mercari accounts. I just simply use my iPhone camera but if you don’t have a camera or phone camera that has a high quality I suggest investing in one.  Not something too expensive just something simple that will take some really clear photos. The lighting is everything when you’re doing photos.  You want people to be able to see all of the items. You want them to see everything in extreme detail because you don’t want them to have any surprises. I will suggest getting some softboxes or just taking pictures in daylight, natural lighting anything with nice bright lights would be really helpful. You can even make your own softboxes. Another thing that you want to do is have plain backgrounds. You want your item to be the main focus not everything else around it. Some Poshmark shops that have some really creative backgrounds that have like marble with flowers and everything which is nice but I have kept it simple. I have a wood floor so I use that kind of as my backdrop or I also tried to use my wall which is a gray just a simple background because my main focus is the item and not everything else around it.
So another helpful thing about Poshmark is that with Poshmark you’re able to use the free packaging at the post office. You simply go to the post office and get the envelopes and boxes for free to use to ship your items. With Mercari you can’t necessarily do that. Instead, I purchased my own poly envelope to send stuff and it’s actually cheaper than if you go to the post office and try to buy an envelope. The poly envelope that I use for shipping items is really simple it’s made of very durable plastic and it comes with an adhesive strip.  They measure eight and a half by 11 and they fit clothes. They are really great because they don’t add extra weight which is key because if your items don’t weigh what the postage says the post office is not going to send it.  I use different colors of tissue paper and from the dollar store and wrap items. I also have thanked buyers with a matching color envelope because it’s always good to say thank-you.  It just is a good gesture and you have to think about how you would want your package to be sent and how you would feel to get a thank-you card or a little extra note or even a little extra gift in there as a surprise that would make you want to purchase from that seller again.
Here are some other tips that I think are super important so that you can not only sell a lot and be successful but sell fast. First, the descriptions are extremely important. Be accurate you want to make sure that if something has a stain or a hole on it that you’re making sure that you’re putting that information. Don’t worry about killing the sale, put the information there because if people want to buy it they’re going to buy it.  Second, put the measurements if you have the brand measurement use them, if not use a tape measure and do it yourself.
When I think about Poshmark specifically, it has a social component where you can share and you can also follow people. So one thing I have been doing recently is sharing a lot and if you share people will see that you share their stuff and then they’re going to share yours.  The more eyes there are on your products the quicker you’re going to be able to sell your stuff. So share and follow other postures so that you can increase your sales in a timely fashion.  Another tip that I will say and also with caution is trying to post your items in multiple apps.  Now I also do eBay so if you can handle it try to post on as many apps as possible because the more you post on other apps the more eyes are going to be on your item. But be mindful to look at the terms and conditions of each app you cannot mention other people’s apps on other apps.  Just don’t do it it’s bad business you will get banned or suspended indefinitely.
Most important, is communicating in a timely fashion. You want to make sure that if someone is asking you a question that you are communicating ASAP.  Just think about customer service as you waiting for that customer service.  Long waits upset most customers. Make sure that you’re responding in a timely fashion and that you’re also being courteous and also kind don’t come off as rude. You’re going to get a lot of questions. You’re going to get a lot of lowball offers. It’s just the name of the game but just brush it off keep it moving and be kind.  Don’t try to endorse people using PayPal don’t do any of that if you want to be able to continue to sell on the app, just follow the instructions.
Another tip that I’d like to suggest is open a PO BOX.  My PO Box has paid for itself at this point. When you print out your shipping label it does have your address on it. If people need to return the items now I am so comfortable putting my PO BOX address. Also, it looks professional band you protect yourself because you don’t know who these people are.
Be honest if people are asking you about the condition of the items don’t sit here and try to act like it’s brand new if you know you wore it 20 different times. Try to give people an honest opinion.  Just put yourself in their shoes. You wouldn’t want someone to lie to you about a product, about the size, about how it fits and then when you get it you realize they were lying to you. The more honest you are the better ratings you’re going to get meaning more customers are going to come because you’re going to be a top-rated seller. Don’t try to make a quick buck by buying at the end of the day.
Another thing you can do is when you’re trying to list items always look at what other people are selling that item for or what have sold it for so that you can make sure that you’re pricing your item competitively.  Be doing this you can make sure that you’re making enough for your item.
The last tip is to reviews your agreements because they’re on the record you’re actually not allowed to you stock photos and a bunch of other things. Always read the user agreements.  You can make enough money to open up your own shop and make a decent amount of money on parlormaid you can also post more than 4 photos on your car you’re only able to post four on Poshmark you can post a lot more which is helpful for your customers so that they’re able to see all of the aspects of the item. Poshmark it’s really good because they have two-day shipping and sometimes they even do like one-day shipping. They have great customer service. I had an issue with a return they were able to get that issue result and they were super quick about it. Getting through a human is a plus. Their rating system is really good on Poshmark, it’s a five-star rating and people are also able to leave comments so it’s not just like good great bad. Poshmark is really great they are also online which is really cool because even when you’re searching for something on Google let’s say if you check something out like  Poshmark will show up on the Google search which means more eyes on your listing.
So what are the cons of Poshmark? because nothing is perfect. They actually take twenty percent of sales that are over twenty dollars which is a huge chunk sometimes because you’re trying to sell your item for a reasonable price. So you have to jack up the price because they are taking a huge cut out. Shipping can sometimes be inflated with Poshmark some of the stuff doesn’t necessarily cost that much to ship so that can also be a negative.  Sometimes Poshmark can be slow if you’re not sharing or if you’re not liking if you’re not following people. So share and follow a ton of other postures if you want to make quick sales and trust me you will. But if not it’s gonna take a while it is it can be very slow sometimes to make a sale just make sure that you’re following the tips you will get a ton of lowball offers on Poshmark. People are going to offer you almost half the price or even something ridiculous. Don’t get offended just counteroffer try to get to a happy medium with a customer but keep in mind that you will get a ton of lowball offers. The last negative that I have for Poshmark is the feed on the app can be very overcrowded. I feel like there’s a lot of slip going on that sometimes can be a little confusing for people. I just if I want to look for something I just search it.
Mercari’s pros are getting a ton of quick sales like three to four things every week. It varies but I will say that I did sell a lot faster on Mercari than Poshmark. The shipping was pretty reasonable.  They also have really fast payment. I didn’t have to wait too long depending on when I requested a payment so that was really nice. Everything was really streamlined and everything was super. Another pro that is the B user interface on the app which is really user friendly. It is really basic, really simple and it wasn’t super overcrowded. If you’re looking for something it will pop up! Mercari only takes ten percent of the sale on $20 or over which is half of what Poshmark takes.  You were able to sell your items at a more reasonable price.
So let’s talk about the cons of Mercari.  My first con is their customer service. If you are flagged for something they don’t show you where you went wrong. They just flag you and then they’re just like you’re suspended and you’re pretty much talking on to a machine. If you try to email them that really is it. It’s really hard to contact them by phone or to find an email to contact them. I will say it is very difficult to get a hold of customer service and honestly it was kind of pointless. It was like talking to a brick wall because it was an automated system.  I’m not the only person you will find that has experienced this. On the internet, there are a bunch of people that this happened to.  They have honestly been unjustly banned for just miscommunications or misunderstandings.
Then when you look at more Mercari’s, a bunch of other accounts that are selling and have tons of ratings and really bad ratings from people are still able to sell.  So I think that it’s definitely one-sided.  ActuallyMercari definitely needs to do a better job in their customer service department.  There were a lot of people selling a lot of counterfeit items on there a lot of fake stuff like random things and just kind of like also stuff from like China which is random things. Also, you were only allowed to post four pictures out of everything and so it’s definitely difficult trying to post up lots of details about your product. On Poshmark you can’t mention any social media, don’t even hint it. Okay, guys don’t do it otherwise you will be banned just for even mentioning something like Oh less if you have a bunch more pictures of the item on Instagram or let’s say you do post it on Poshmark which you would rather than buy unrequired don’t even mention any of those things. Another thing to mention is there a rating system there are only three ratings on there if you’re great good or bad and yeah there’s no in-between there so I will say that I wish that they would expand the rating system may be to apply our system because it’s either great it’s either good or it’s bad and yes you’re always right there. I mean I always had great ratings ahead over 48 great ratings which I guess would be 5-star rating so I can have those problems that I will say that kind of just it’s like the spectrum is a little off there so another con to is that there is no desktop version from Mercari everything is sold me on the app so you do have kind of a very specific type of customer who is more apps user friendly and you have fewer eyes on your products. I got a crap ton of lowball offers which I’m not the private sector like maybe it is more of a younger crowd on Mercari but I got so many lowball offers and I kept having to do tell them no sorry the price is firm because it was kind of ridiculous. Like the item was probably oh I spent probably over two hundred to four hundred dollars on the item and people wanted to buy it for like 50 bucks. It literally had tags still on the freakin item and you’re really gonna offer me $50 come on. I really hope this was informative. I really hope it was helpful.