Celebrity Kids: Meet the class of 2017 graduates – AOL

Celebrity kids are growing up fast and graduating school — and the pics are just too cute!

Cindy Crawford is sending her son, Presley, onto his next adventure after he graduated from high school last week. Jessica Simpson’s adorable mini-me, Maxi, graduated from pre-school and is moving on to kindergarten. The same goes for Denise Richards, Rebecca Gayheart, and Mario Lopez’s daughters.

Goldie Hawn joked that both she and her granddaughter Rio graduated from pre-k. And LeAnn Rimes and Eddie Cibrian also celebrated the graduation of Eddie’s son. Check out all the cute snaps below!

One large supportive family, like minded peers, three seasons of a comedy, 1 1/2 years of no heat on my hair, many life changing books, quite a few lessons learned from @afshineee and @chocolatemommyluv , many great adventures, a handful of all-nighters finishing essays, getting frustrated while doing derivatives, falling in love with James Baldwin, (more breakdowns than I’d like to admit), followed by even more growth, a daunting college process, a few panic attacks, with even more blissful moments, a spin off, and a final APUSH project later…. I’m here ⚡️Thank you to everyone who’s created the beautiful memories/opportunities/and adventures that’ve gotten me to this moment ⚡️