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Ben Sin

A photo of the Galaxy Note 8 (courtesy of Evan Blass), on my Galaxy S8+

An all but official image of the Samsung Galaxy Note 8 has “leaked,” courtesy of the best leaker in the business, Evan Blass, nearly a full month before Samsung’s official unveiling. Now if you’re wondering why I put parenthesis around the word leak, that’s because Blass obviously got the photo from an official Samsung source, probably a senior personnel in the marketing department.

Let’s face it, that’s how most leaks work in most industries in 2017. It’s essentially a company PR (obviously a big one who can make these decisions) giving first dips on information to a journalist, in an effort to drum up intetest. That’s how legendary NBA inside info leaker Adrian Wojnarowski gets all scoops. It’s not because he’s got some magic crystal ball or a secret spy inside NBA player’s houses, it’s just that he’s connected to high serving members of NBA teams. I don’t know Blass personally, but I’ve been a journalist long enough to know these are controlled “leaks” by Samsung looking to drum up publicity. This isn’t a third party render, this is straight from Samsung. Real leaks are the terribly-taken photos in bad lighting that come out of China. To call this a leak is disingenuous, it’s more like a social media publicity campaign.

Of course, the release of the Note 8 is big news because this is the direct follow up to last year’s disastrous Note 7 (please, bloggers and media — if you crack a weak bomb/battery joke in your Note 8 review I’m closing the page right away). But as you can see from the photo above, there really isn’t that much exciting about the phone from the looks — it looks just like my Samsung Galaxy S8+! Below is the “official” image tweeted by Blass.

Not much official information is known about the phone, other than that the display is likely to be bigger than the Galaxy S8+, and the Note 8 will have dual cameras. I’m hoping Samsung introduces a new take on the two camera tech instead of just doing yet another “it can blur the background around a person’s head” (aka bokeh) effect. Aside from stylus (oops, I mean “S-Pen”), the Note 8 should operate very similarly to the Galaxy S8+.

The Galaxy Note 8 will have competition. The upcoming LG V30 will very likely be going with an AMOLED panel (and maybe even curved); while Huawei has all but confirmed its Mate 10 will also rock a edge-to-edge almost bezel-less design. Google will also release the Pixel 2, and because Google was wise enough to go to LG instead of HTC as manufacturer this time, the Pixel 2 will look sleek and sexy instead of clunky. Then, of course, there’s the iPhone 8.

A very exciting time for premium smartphones is coming soon. Watch these companies (aside from Apple) hand official press images to sites like The Verge and Blass to pretend they’re secret leaks.


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An All But Official Image Of The Galaxy Note 8 Has ‘Leaked’ – Forbes