12 Hottest Celebrity Bulges: Liam Hemsworth, Chris Brown & More Muscular Hunks – Hollywood Life

Squash emoji overload! Holy sh*t ladies, this gallery is seriously a godsend. We’re looking back on the biggest bulges from Hollywood’s hottest hunks, including Liam Hemsworth, Chris Brown and MORE!

Deep breaths everyone, this is a gallery entirely dedicated to cucumbers, popsicles, hot dogs, sausages — whatever you want to call them. Whether they intended to or not, these Hollywood hunks have found themselves in our juicy round-up for flaunting their bulges. Out on the street, at the gym, in front of the mirror…it doesn’t matter. Some hotties like The Game and Chris Brown posed in nothing but a towel or skintight boxer briefs, while others like Jon Hamm and Scott Disick were walking around not even knowing that their manhood was making a curious outline in their trousers. Maybe it was laundry day and they didn’t have any clean underwear? Honestly though, we’re not complaining.

Most recently, Britney Spears‘ chiseled boyfriend Sam Asghari single-handedly broke the internet with his bulge selfie. It looks like this has become the latest celebrity trend, since studs like Brooklyn Beckham, Usher, and Tyson Beckford have ALL done it! Normally we talk about cleavage face-offs, and “who rocked the thong bikini better?.” But this bulge saga is making its way through Hollywood faster than wildfire. Women often complain about the male gaze in pop culture. Well, consider this an opportunity to give into the ultimate female gaze, where we can stare at bulges as much as we want. #DontHate

Some celebs are even taking their private parts to the public. Joe and Nick Jonas, for example, both posed for an underwear Guess campaign, each showing off what God gave them in the love-making department. If guys are going to put it out there so much, what’s the harm in just looking? They probably like the attention anyway, why else would d*ck pics be such a popular thing in today’s society? Somehow, even without asking, they wind up on our cellphones.

HollywoodLifers, which bulge picture do you find the sexiest? Swoon in the comment section below!

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